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General Product Description

Celebrex- is brand name of active substance Celekoxib. This medical remedy is included to pharmacological group of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Action mechanism of Celekoxib lays in oppression of synthesis prostaglandins which stimulate inflammatory, appearance of pain syndrome.

Celebrex has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activity, blocking production of inflammatory prostanoids. During the research, given drug was reducing morbidity and amount of tumors connected to colon. Given anti-inflammatory drug has wide proving base from the point of a view of effectively and safety with participation of several thousands of people.

Regarding given researcher, therapeutic effect after use of average dose begins to act after a half of hour. Such result can be equaled with speed of anesthesia with use if injection forms of different painkillers, which says about high Celebrex activity relating to pain syndrome.
According to date of numerous clinical researches, this is the one from non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, use of which approved even in people with peptic ulcer without additional prescription of gastroprotectives.

Celekoxib is represented as much safer remedy for treatment of people with arterial hypertension and cardiovascular disorder, also combination with aspirin helps to use this drug to people with high risk of heart attack.


Direction for the use


Common Use

According to fact that Celebrex is strong acting drug that can provoke mixed reaction from organism, it is needed to use drug with strict compliance and recommendations of medical worker.


Possible Side effects

In most of cases correct use of drug within allowable dosage 400mg, doesn’t provoke appearance of side reactions. If all that happened, you should consult with your attending doctor.


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