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Cytotec-is antiulcer drug for prevention of stomach ulcer and duodenal tract. It can be used for termination of pregnancy on early stages.

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Nexium is an antiulcer remedy which holds up the production of the gastric juice, increased the protection of the walls of the organs of the gastro-intestinal tract and favors the healing of ulcers.

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Aciphex is an antiulcer disease. It is used for ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum at the stage of exacerbation.

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Celebrex is used for pain relief, reducing of inflammatory processes and rigidity. It is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Imitrex - a medicine for the treatment of migraine and symptoms of the illness: headache, nausea. Itoperates directly on the cause of migraine therefore stronger than conventional analgesics.